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January 13, 2017

Chilean pork stood out at ProChile’s Cooking Show for national and foreign journalists

Chilean pork was the main actor through the sectorial brand ChilePork at the Cooking Show ProChile organized for Chilean journalists and international media correspondents.

Source: Asprocer

ProChile, an Institution belonging to the Chilean Minstry of Foreign Relations in charge of the promotion of exportable supply, carried out a fun and tasty Cooking Show for national and foreign media. Four teams made up of journalists and authorities competed making dishes with different Chilean products, amongst which Chilean pork stood out through the sectorial brand ChilePork.

The event, named “2017 ProChile Challenge”, was attended by Paulina Nazal, General Director of International Economic Relations (Direcon, for its Spanish acronym), and Alejandro Buvinic, the Director of ProChile, as well as other representatives from government institutions and sectorial brands of food and beverages Chile exports.

During the event, Paulina Nazal explained that this activity was carried out to show the media the benefits of our exportable supply for 2017 through a different, more playful proposal in which people weren’t only able to taste the products, but prepare delicious plates.

Renown Chef Mikel Zulueta, owner of Guria (local restaurant) and Marketing and Communications Director of the Chilean Chefs Association, was in charge of the coordination of the competition and judging the participants who cooked and competed to prepare the best baked pork sirloin, accompanied by mote risotto, deserts, and entrees.

2017 Exports

The Chilean pork sector projects that exports will reach 450 million Dollars during 2017, with an emphasis on an exporting strategy that will continue to privilege the South Korean, Japanese, and Chinese markets.

Chilean pork has held sixth place for the past eight years in the world raking of pork exporters thanks to its advantages and attributes.

The national pork industry is pioneering in the use of electronic certification (E-Cert), a system that facilitates commercial exchange and provides a digital platform for the registry of official information and the delivery of veterinarian health electronic certification to the destination markets. Currently, E-Cert is used with China and Russia.

Furthermore, all the companies are characterized for being vertically integrated and are governed by the Quality Assurance Program, Biosafety, and Traceability Systems. At the same time, they comply with all export norms and requirements for food exports demanded by the veterinarian health authority.

The Sustainability Model for the pork sector is also noteworthy because it not only considers mitigation measures on environmental impact and its relationship with the surrounding communities, but also a contribution to renewable energy and the enrichment of farming soils thanks to the transformation of slurries in organic fertilizers.

An example of this would be the thirteen biogas projects that are already built as well as the four that are in their construction phase, with a potential to generate a total of 6.2 MW of energy.



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